Star Transit is overseen by a Board of Directors who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for Accomack and Northampton Counties (3 appointees each).  Each Board Members serves at the discretion of the appointing County.

The day to day operation of the system is managed by Virginia Regional Transit, a private non-profit 501(3)(c) organization.  Virginia Regional Transit has a Regional Transit Director who is responsible for the management of Star Transit.

July 1995  -Technical Assistance Grant funded by Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transporatation-Feasibility study and operation plan ($30,000 grant).

April 1996 -George Goodrow was hired as the Public Transit Manager to plan and initiate start up public transit service.

July 1996  -Demonstration/Experimental Grant funded by Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation.  Demonstration grant to operate and evaluate a public transit system on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. (150,000 grant).

August/September 1996  -Two (2) 12 passenger BOC Vans were purchased and five (5) drivers were hired and trained.  Two routes (Red Line and Blue Line) were developed.

October 7th, 1996  -Service began.

March 1997  -The Yellow and Green routes were established.

           FY  -First Full year of operation Star Transit carried 18,862 passengers.

 October 1997  -Star Transit completed the Demonstration Project and began receiving FTA Section 5311 rural transit funding.


March 1998   -The Orange route was established.

 April 2000   -The Purple route was established.

 October 2002  -The Silver Express with service connecting Star Transit to Worcester County Ride at the Maryland state line was initiated.

February 2009  -Star Transit moved in to a new Administrative/Maintenance Facility in Tasley Virginia.

January 2010   -Virginia Regional Transit was selected by the Accomack Northampton Transportation Commission to provide day to day management services to STAR Transit.

            FY 2010  -Star Transit carried 39,979 passengers.

 Summer 2010  -Virginia Regional Transit completed a Comprehensive Operational Analysis of all Star Transit routes and services.  This analysis resulted in significant improvements to the route structure STAR Transit had been operating.

             FY 2011  -STAR Transit carried 61,401 passengers.

             FY 2012  -STAR Transit carried 71,933 passengers.

 August 2012  -STAR Transit initiated new service to the northern part of Accomack County and to the Town of Chincoteague (Silver Line and Orange Line).

 June 2013    -STAR Transit received three new Champion BOC Vans.

             FY 2013  -STAR Transit carried 83,500 passengers.

 October 2014  -Good things will continue to happen......

Star Transit History

Star Transit